Farm Management Suite


FMS is a simple and easy productivity suite focused on solving major pain points of urban farmers.

Unlike heavy and complex ERP systems that focus on inventory, billing, logistics and other transactional aspects, FMS has been designed with a single-minded objective of increasing productivity from a farm by focusing on things that matter the most.

FMS has been developed by a team of farmers, agronomists and techies. It relies heavily on the on-field learnings we have gained while operating multiple farms. It uses an Artificial Intelligence engine to carry out most of the complex tasks in the backend. As a result, all the complexity gets hidden from the users, who get a simple and neat front end that is usable by anyone who can operate a smartphone.

Crop Cycle Management

The lifecycle for each crop is different. For some, it may span over four to five weeks; for others, it may take three to five times as much. A few are single-cut, whilst others give harvest multiple times. A few may thrive better in the cold, whilst others may grow better if placed in the warmer zone. Add to that the planning needed to move the plants across stages, from germination to nursery to cultivation to harvest.

If you plan to grow multiple crops on one farm, you probably need to hire a mid-level operations manager just to do the maths.

Not any more. Farm Zig's inbuilt AI engine takes care of the crop planning aspect for you. 

Agronomy Management

Once the crop cycle planning is over, the next logical thing is to break down the cycle into smaller individual tasks. These tasks can then be assigned to the farm help(s), who can carry these out as needed.

But who will inform the farm help(s) about what they need to do daily? FarmZig's AI engine can do that too. From creating tasks to assigning these, FarmZig can do it all. 

But things do not always go as planned. Isn't it? What if, say, instead of 900, only 700 heads of lettuce got harvested? Fret not, for FarmZig's AI engine is intelligent enough to handle such scenarios and more.

Resource Management

You cannot afford to go to the farm every day? You have got farm help on hire but wouldn't know if they are regular? You have also availed support of an agronomist, but again you do not know if the visits are happening? 

FarmZig solves this issue too. With GPS-based check-in and check-out features with easy-to-view reports, you can keep a tab on the work routine without being physically present on the farm.

And not only that, if your farm help notices something that needs an agronomist's attention, there is no need to wait for the next visit. All they need to do is click an image and post it for your agronomist to act.

Automation Integration

The best part about FarmZig's Farm Management Suite (FMS) is that it seamlessly integrates with FarmZig's Farm Automation Suite (FAS).

There is no need for you to shuffle through multiple apps. Through FarmZig, you get one consolidated view of your farm that covers both, the operational aspects, as well as the automation aspects.

And not only that, FarmZig also provides you with historical data and reports, critical alerts and notifications, and the ability to monitor and manage your farm remotely, no matter which part of the world you are in.

FMS is currently an invite-only product being offered to our Alpha customers.
‚ÄčIf you would like to join the waitlist, please let us know through mail <>.