Farm Automation Suite


FAS is an IoT-based suite of multiple products that work together to automate critical tasks in a controlled environment farm.

FarmZig's FAS is designed to take care of the needs of the farmers involved in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). This includes greenhouse farming (soil-based, hydroponics, aeroponics etc.) and farming inside vertical indoor farms.

Compared to open fields, farming in a controlled environment involves high investments. That leaves little room for errors. A small mistake or oversight due to a manual process can damage the crops leading to significant financial setbacks. 

FarmZig's FAS automates the critical tasks in the farm to ensure that plants always get an optimal environment to grow and human errors are minimized, thereby resulting in higher productivity and yields. 

Power Management

Electricity cost is one of CEA farmers' largest cost heads (after salaries). Further, in many agricultural zones, the power supply is not regular. As a result, voltage surges, missing phase, current fluctuations etc., frequently cause damage to costly equipment. To make matters worse, warranties often do not cover these kinds of damages.

FarmZig's power management module centralizes power distribution and provides an added layer of protection to the farm equipment. Further, it automates the switch control, turning a manual farm into a smart farm wherein pumps, motors, and all electrical equipment can be managed without human involvement.

Climate Management

Crops thrive best in their native environment. The head of lettuce that weighs 180 grams if the climate is conducive may only grow to 120 grams when the climate is not. If adverse environment, it may bolt and not grow at all.

FarmZig's climate management module automates the operation of different climate control equipment in the farm, like the fan & pad system, fogging system, roll-down curtains, shade net, etc.

An intelligent rule engine powers the system. It can handle not only sensor-based and time-based logic but also any complex combination of both. If you can state it, the system can do it.

Nutrient Management

Plants, like humans, are a form of life. So along with the right environment, they also need the right nutrition to grow to their true potential. 

Under manual operations, a farm help may balance the nutrients once every couple of days. Unfortunately, this may lead to sub-optimal yields. Further, an error in setting the right balance of pH and EC can play havoc with the entire crop.

FarmZig's nutrient management module ensures that the plants are fed with the correct nutrient dose every single time. Additionally, its AI-based intelligence system is smart enough to adjust the nutrient dose automatically when needed. 

Irrigation Management

The irrigation system in a CEA farm is complex. There are multiple tanks like borewell/primary storage, RO storage, and multiple irrigation tanks catering to different nutrient requirements of different plant groups. Managing these often needs manual interventions and checkpoints.

Further, the larger the farm, the more the pumping capacity needed to irrigate. Adding pumping capacity leads to higher upfront costs and, in some cases, even higher monthly electricity tariffs due to the higher KVA capacity charges.

FarmZig's irrigation management module solves both of these problems for you.

And one last thing.

All of these solutions can talk to each other,
​are intelligent enough to work in sync,
​and are IoT enabled.

This ensures that all the parameters in your farm are always in sync and maintained at optimal levels. 
Not only that, you can access your farm remotely no matter where in the world you are.