While the case studies are actual, the names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the clients.

Different EC
​during day and night


Bioji farms is an 18 acres project for the production of medicinal hemp. The hemp cultivated at the site will undergo an extraction process to extract CBD oil for export to pharmaceutical buyers.

In order to generate good quality CBD isolate, it is vital to provide a well-balanced nutrient to the plants in a specific dosage. Not only that, to improve the quality further, the strength of the nutrient fed during day time needs to be different from the strength of the nutrient fed during night time.

Problem Statement

How to maintain different EC levels during the day and the night cycle?

1. The existing native solutions were not equipped to rotate alternately between two varying levels of EC.

2. The imported solutions that could manage different EC during day and night were prohibitively expensive. 

Solution Approach

We implemented an IoT-enabled and AI-based system to manage EC and pH levels in the nutrient and to operate the irrigation cycle.

The following were the key features:

      • Capability to increase and decrease pH as required.
      • Ability to increase and decrease EC as needed.
      • Balancing of EC and pH a few minutes before every irrigation cycle.
      • Patented sensors needing calibration only once a year.
      • One touch on-screen calibration feature for EC and pH sensors.
      • Checks and alerts to warn about EC and pH thresholds.
      • Failsafe override to continue irrigation without dosing in case of sensor errors.
      • AI to adjust irrigation cycle and doze strength in case of missed cycles due to power cuts.
      • IoT-based remote monitoring and management of EC and pH levels.

Results Achieved

Implementing FarmZig's Farm Automation Suite (FAS) provided a reliable nutrient dozing and irrigation system.