While the case studies are actual, the names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the clients.

Growing 17
crops in one farm


Green farms is a hydroponic farm in Delhi. They specialize in growing a wide variety of exotic and leafy greens. They supply their produce directly to end-consumers following a weekly subscription model.

Green farms grow 17 different crops on their farm to offer a wide range to their consumers. However, managing the crop cycle of multiple crops often leads to misses and planning failures. Per their estimate, they could not use more than 76% of farm capacity at any point in time due to the inefficiencies in planning.

Problem Statement

How to increase farm utilization rate through efficient planning?

1. Different crops took a different amount of time to grow from seed to harvest-ready state.

2. Some crops were of single-cut variety, whilst some were multi-cut.

3. There was an up to (+/-)10% fluctuation in the demand cycle on a weekly basis.

Solution Approach

We implemented an Artificial Intelligence-based system to manage crop cycle & operational planning.

The following were the key features:

    • A consolidated view of the crop status on the farm at any point in time.
    • Ability to add different agronomist(s) and farm help(s) to the platform.
    • System-generated crop plan based on customer demand pattern.
    • Automatic generation of daily tasks based on crop plan.
    • AI-based auto-correction and auto-updation of tasks based on ground learnings.
    • An ability for farm help(s) to flag issues and report them to agronomist(s) in real time.
    • GPS-based time/attendance/visit log of agronomist(s) and farm help(s).
    • Remote monitoring and management capabilities for the farm owner.

Results Achieved

Implementing FarmZig's Farm Management Suite (FMS) increased farm utilization rate from 76% to 93%.